Thursday, February 14, 2013

Triple Orgasm by a guy getting pegged in Free Strapon Video

I try to share the best free pegging videos that I discover online. And this is one of a guy having multiple orgasms from getting pegged in his ass! Awesome!!! I know what my man and I are going to be trying for tonight! Fortunately, I think I have one of the outfits being warn in the video! Talulah


  1. Can't see video.

  2. This video is sooo good for so many reasons. First the guy is restrained so he is totally naked helpless. Second the girls are not gentle with him. Third they are getting him off 3 times as opposed to all those videos where the guys jerks himself off. Fourth the guy is not a big fat gross pig, he is in shape. Fifth the 3 girls are clearly enjoying the scene and their power. It must be a real heady experience to be in their position. Also the girls remain clothed while the which is another sign of their dominance over him.

  3. I have a strapon big as a horse specialy for my husband . He loves monster dick