Monday, August 8, 2011

How to tell your woman you want her to use a strap-on to fuck your ass? Pegging Advice

One of the hardest things about men talking to a woman about trying strap-on sex is that he never knows how she will react to the proposition.  Many guys fear that the woman will be completely turned off or possibly look down on them for wanting it.  So, we've come up with a list of things that may help get started talking about the possibility of trying strap-on sex with your woman.
1. One thing to try is talking about all the nerve endings that are around the anus opening and on the prostrate itself.  You can bring this up as a matter of fact conversation and just see what kind of reaction you get.  It will also help relieve any fears that might surround male's receiving anal sex and the idea that only a homosexual could enjoy this.  Obviously, one does not have to be a homosexual to enjoy thousands of nerve endings being stimulated.  Liking rainbows doesn't make one gay, and neither does enjoying receiving anal sex.  Though, hopefully your woman is not homophobic enough to even have this as a fear. 
2. You can also get a male prostate massager like the Aneros Maximus (picture below).  That way, you are starting to explore anal fun in a less exotic fashion.  This might ease them into the idea of eventually fucking your ass.
Aneros maximus - Prostate massager
3.  Another approach is when you ask to fuck your woman in the ass and then you could causually ponder out loud, "I wonder how it would feel to let you turn the tables on me and fuck my ass."
4. Something else that you could try is finding a porno that has mostly regular sex but has a scene or two with strap-on sex included.  Or you could show them a strap-on video you find online, and just say,"You've got to see this."  That way you can guage how they react before asking for strap-on sex.
5. But possibly the best approach of all is to just be honest.  Tell her you want to talk about something and let her know how vulnerable you feel.  This will soften her attitude towards anything you might bring up.  Then, just let her know how turned on you are by the idea of having her harness up and use a strap-on on you.  Explain how many nerve endings are in and around your ass and reassure her that it is only the idea of woman fucking you that turns you on (unless you are openingly bisexual, in which case this won't be a problem).
We hope that one (or more) of these suggestions help you!  And hopefully, if you haven't enjoyed strap-on sex yet, you'll be enjoying strap-on sex soon!

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