Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strap-on video with cum shot! Free Pegging Videos

Sorry for the lack of updates lately!  I wanted to share a video that has been turning me on and making me itch to peg my man!  Hope you all like it!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More free strap-on videos! Awesome new pegging video I found!

I had to share this video!  I love finding strap-on videos with cum shots!  And this one has that and then some!  So, if you are like me and my man, and love super hot strapon videos, check this video out and go pick up my favorite strapon harness shown here!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

E-Mail Question and Response: First Time Help

Hello Pegaholic/Talulah! :),
your blog is basically the only one that has some meritorical knowledge about strap-on sex that I've found. Not to mention that stories are also great, and language isn't "dry", but it's just a plausible side-effect ;). Long story short - I'm 23 male, and I was into strap-on sex with me as "the girl" for a long time, and now I'll be able to experience it with my girlfriend. Considering many things, with most important was financial restrictions and lack of choice in my country, I've bought this strap-on  (currently waiting for the courier!:) ), I know that it's probably not the best choice but we'll have to work with it. My girlfriend want to do it probably as much as I do, so the psychological aspect is not my concern, but phisiological. It would be basically my first time (so good to be a virgin :D), I only played with her vibrator which is considerably smaller than that strap-on, but I had very much fun and practically no pain issues, even when I was jumping on bed with it in my anus, but I really want to do not make this first time of our strap-on sex something, that'll drive us away from that. I've read your advices but I still write a question. I don't know what's important, but I'm not the model shape, though my overweight isn't so bad, but I consider my ass a bit large. Is this can become an issue? Also, how should I position myself during the first time? I do not fear cumming on my face or anywhere else, I want to be as comfortable as I can :). What else...hmm...how to make anus as clean as possible in home conditions? And of course, I am aware that first time will probably hurt, but can you assure me that with time it'll be only better? And, a strange question, but I feel it's important for me to ask it, because I know my girlfriend - could you lend any advice in giving her a blowjob to that strap-on?:) Because probably it'll be not only a virgin night for my ass, but for my mouth aswell! :).
I do not mind posting my e-mail on your blog, and I very much hope you're still online and my questions aren't too vulgar. Looking forward to hearing from you!

My Response:

Yes, strap-on sex gets easier with time. My man has no trouble taking a dildo that once seemed impossible to him. And he can do it without any preparation (though a good butt plug always makes things go smoother when used to warm up the area). But, it will definitely get easier. In the first place, you'll get used to the idea of how it works and relax. And relaxing is the major component in making it slide inside. Tensing up will make things much more difficult and possibly painful. So, have your girlfriend do everything she can to turn you on and keep you focused on the pleasure and less on the actual insertion.

Second, regarding sucking on the dildo, I think this can be lots of fun for a guy to be erotically 'humilated' if done correctly. But, I never advise putting a dildo into your mouth after it has been in your anus. This can truly be dangerous. So, use a flavored condom for this act! And just have her start gentle until you know what you can handle.

Basically, treat it like you would anything else you are new to. You wouldn't go into a gym and try to lift 500 pounds if you've never lifted weights before. You wouldn't run a marathon if you've never ran a mile. Same with this, just take it slow and enjoy learning how everything works and feels. You'll quickly figure out what positions work best, how quickly she can thrust, and how big a toy you prefer. Bigger isn't always better, but for some it is.

And in terms of being over-weight, I don't think this will be an issue. They make all types of dildoes and many can be quite long. So, first try different positions. Put lots of pillows under your back and angle your anus upwards. This usually give the most depth of penetration.

And feel free to ask any more questions your have.

Strappingly Yours,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fixed link in Strapon / Pegging Videos Page

Just wanted to let everyone know that the compilation video of strapon scenes is now working on the video page.  Enjoy!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Found a great new Pegging Strapon Video with lots of pegging action!

Here is a compilation of great strapon videos!!! Enjoy!  I'll be busy trying all this out with my man!
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Monday, September 2, 2013

I love my strap-on harness! And so did my man's ass! A quick pegging strap-on story!

I just got my pink Joque Harness! And oh man did my man's ass get a treat! I was dripping with excitment when I saw the package waiting at the door. I had it opened and on with my dildo inserted shortly after having got in the door. My man knew what was coming the minute he saw me take it out of the box. In fact, his pants were off instantly as well! I had him on his back with his legs pushed up against his chest and my dong deep up his ass! I don't know what it is about Joque Harnesses, but it makes me so horny to put it on, to see it, to just know it is in the house. I can't exaggerate just how great this harness is! If any woman wants to feel as close as you can to actually having a penis, this harness does exactly that! I pounded my man's ass with the dildo held securely against my body like it was a part of my body. And with my vibe inserted in the inner vibe pocket, my man and I were cumming at nearly the same time. Poor harness had to spend it's first day in the wash from how wet my pussy got. And my man had to shower off all the cum that he shot all over his chest!